nomi invites you to take part in a culinary adventure -  Chef Joseph Viola brings his techniques, aromas and flavors and joins Chef Yoram Nitzan for an exclusive fine dining event.


Combining traditional and modern styles to create a divine bite


Chef Yoram Nitzan

A leader in the field of culinary innovation, Yoram Nitzan is one of Israel's most respected veteran chefs. With remarkable attention to detail, vast experience in the kitchen and a creative cooking technique, Yoram conjures an aromatic journey of the senses, glorifying the unique flavors, colors and tastes indigenous to Israel. 

Yoram's inherent creativity was fostered from a young age, influenced by many gatherings around the family dinner table. Sparking his interest in the culinary world, his desire to explore the field further took him on a journey throughout kitchens across the globe. This defining experience opened his eyes to a parade of new tastes, cooking techniques and skills from celebrated chefs. 

Yoram's cooking is ever-evolving, his concepts drawn from far and wide, reinterpreted for the present day and with a philosophy firmly rooted in traditional principles.

Kitchen Talk

Q & A with Chef Viola

Best midnight snack?   Chicken mayonnaise

Most common word or phrase you use in the kitchen?  

Be respectful with the products


What most influenced your current cooking style?

My mother


Kitchen tool you can’t live without? 

A knife


If you had to eat the same meal every day, what would it be?  A meal with vegetables


Favorite season? Spring


Last dish you cooked for yourself?  Poultry with onions


Favorite Israeli cuisine? Hummus


If you had a superpower in the kitchen what would it be?  Have 10 hands

What did you want to be when you grew up?

 Football player

Born in Lyon, France, and inspired by the local culinary ambiance, Chef Joseph Viola represents an authentic approach and mastery of the traditional Lyonnaise cuisine.

With unique talent and style he is the proud owner and head chef of three bouchons in Lyon named Daniel & Denise, all of which were awarded the Bib Gourmand by the Michelin Guide.  In 2004, Chef Viola was awarded the prestigious - Mellieur Ouvier de France (MOF), the highest ranking a French chef can obtain.


Chef Joseph Viola successfully delivers the very best of the city’s culinary traditions and techniques in an extraordinary and enthusiastic way. With one goal in mind – "to promote the flavors of traditional French dishes, showcasing their subtlety with elegance and generosity in a friendly atmosphere"

It is our distinct honor to be hosting him for this year’s So French So Food Culinary Festival.

Chef Joseph Viola

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